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Smart Water Metering is Smart Property Management

Commercial, Multifamily, Office, Municipal, Industrial and Single family property owners and managers who understand the value of water conservation choose Avyzo for water utility conservation and water cost recovery technology.

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Water Costs are Rising

Water utility cost inflation in many parts of the county is four times that of other consumer goods.  Why? There are many factors including degraded sewer systems and general supply and demand issues.  While this variable cost continues to rise, smart property managers and owners are finding ways to recover those costs from tenants.  In the past, water cost recovery was a peripheral concern but this is no more.  Smart property managers are choosing to leverage the relative decrease in technology cost to offset the relative increase in water utility cost.  The smartest are choosing Avyzo.

Reduce annual water use by as much as 60%

  • Real-time usage awareness via any internet connected device
    • management permission with aggregate or individual usage data
    • optional tenant permissions for individual unit usage data
    • precision cost projection
  • Optional remote valve control allows remote shut-off in case of
    • catastrophic leak
    • payment enforcement
  • Automated leak detection
    • user defined usage parameters set off leak alerts via email or text
    • algorithmic detection suggests specific type of leak

Collect 100% of water utility costs

There’s no arguing the facts.  The data is clear.  Usage is verifiable to the meter face and historical data proves usage.  With such transparency water utility bills simply cannot be disputed.  RUBs water bills certainly are as any property manager will testify.  Flat rate billing necessarily falls short of costs.  Only submetering attempts to collect 100% of water utility costs.

Avyzo provides the technology to achieve 100% collection rate.

  • Remote shut off or remote restriction?  If there is a legal concern to valve shut off for payment enforcement restrict flow so the law is not broken but the tenant’s comfort is.
  • Robust leak detection is a tenant amenity
  • Cloud-based usage information is readily available from any internet-connected device.  No more waiting for the surprise water bill.  You can even set up progress reports for each tenant.