Multifamily Properties

multifamilySubmetavyzo-logo-125x60 (4)ering is hands down the best cost allocation option.  There is no argument about that.  Flat rate necessarily leaves cost recovery short by 10-30%.  RUBS leaves tenants very angry.  The problem has always been a question benefits and costs.  Avyzo utilizes the latest technology to provide a multitude of NOI increasing benefits at marginal costs.


Standard Submetering

The typical multifamily submetering system will provide usage data to the billing company once per month.  That’s it.

The Avyzo Standard

Avyzo sets a new standard for about the same cost as the standard system.

Avyzo provides usage data in a real-time stream.  No longer are you or your tenants in the dark until you receive the bill.

Avyzo provided automated leak detection.  When usage is outside user defined parameters an alert is sent.  One toilet leak can cause thousands of excess usage and associated costs every month!  Avyzo can alert you within hours saving water and money.

Avyzo provides the Manager with remote shut off and remote restriction capabilities.  Shut the water flow by 90% or 100%.  This is helpful in cases of catastrophic leaks or depending on your local laws this function can be helpful in enforcing payment.

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