Why “Avyzo”?aviso

An aviso (formerly also an adviso), a kind of dispatch boat or advice boat.  Long serving the royal European fleet of past centuries, these daring sloops delivered much needed news and directives from home over the water.

Like the proud Avisos of the ancient mariners, Avyzo delivers much needed information to you although now its delivered about water not on water.

Avyzo was created as the response to a real-life question posed by a frustrated property owner;

 stock-photo-1213688-utility-billWhy is my Water Bill so High?

The answer?  No one knew.  Just like in the days of old when we needed sloops to carry mail and information to ships at sea, we were in the dark ages of information relying on archaic practices of physical meter reads and canvass style leak detection.

How is it that 21st century technology had not yet been applied to 19th century water utility systems?  The problem was identified and the product was researched and developed.  No longer do you have wait until a water bill arrives to answer the question “how much water am I using?” .   Avyzo delivers that water information to your fingertips.


The Avyzo water metering system was developed to not only answer these questions but to also provide levels of control with leak detection alerts and remote shut-off capabilities, from anywhere in the world.

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Avyzo.  Water Utility Information delivered to your fingertips.

  • real-time usage graphs and charts
  • real-time leak alerts
  • cloud valve control