Real-Time Leak Detection

Tired of waiting for a month to find out how much water & money went down the drain?  Take control!

Get real-time leak alerts delivered via the Avyzo Cloud.  Know immediately when a leak occurs.  Emails and automated work orders are generated as data is analyzed in real-time.

Our algorithms spit out Alerts with cost cutting precision.

Alert:  Unit B-19 – probable bad flapper”


Whole Property Protection

Sure, Avyzo can tell you when it there is a bad flapper, fill valve, shower valve or line break inside a unit but what about the water lines underground?

No problem!  Avyzo can place a meter just after the municipal meter and then provide real-time leak detection for the underground water lines as well.  These water lines have been known to leak underground for months without detection as water can travel quite a ways before coming above ground.  These leaks get expensive if not found quickly.  Avyzo finds them within minutes!  As the diagram to the right depicts, if the sum of the unit consumption is less than the main meter readings then there is a problem somewhere on the property.